Ducks Down at Lancaster - Malouf 11/22/17

Nov 22 2017

Cole Porter


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Arrived at the gate at about 5:00 AM; I crossed the dam, and decided to make it easy on myself by hunting out of the blind. I subsequently set-up 3 dozen floater decoys; a mixture of mallard, gadwall, widgeon, and ringed-neck ducks. I also put out 1/2 dozen stand-up decoys, and a couple spinners ( I use dove mojos ). I ended up decoying 3 groups of birds, and managed to take a single drake from each group; a widgeon, wood-duck, and gadwall. The gadwall sailed behind the blind and into the woods, I was worried I might lose it, but I don't know why; I almost never lose any birds when I have my dog Mia ( Pic below ). She found the bird in some thick brush I wouldn't of thought twice about going into, and retrieved my other two birds from the water. I watched several big groups of 2 - 4 dozen birds land on the south-end, east-side about mid-lake. For sure one big group of about 3 dozen were green-winged teal.


Posted By: Cole Porter