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Nov 10 2018 #1

Kyle Randazzo


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Patito Lake, Commerce

Opening day report

Myself and another member hunted Commerce this morning, and what a gorgeous morning it was. Around 30 degrees at daylight but bearable.

Right at daylight we had a couple ducks work right into the spread. After 15 minutes, the flying ceased. We saw some high flying mallards later in the morning but it was way too blue bird. Ended up with 5 ducks between both of us, only 1 duck leaving the spread.  3 green wing teal, 2 mallard drakes.

Little bonus was having a young doe walk about 40 yards from while we were enjoying our coffee. 

Kyle Randazzo


Nov 12 2018 #2

Cole Porter


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Sounds like a pretty decent day at Commerce Patito Lake. That lake is really going to turn on after the second split.

Do you think that lake would benefit from the addition of a blind, or do you like the way it is?

Cole PWF


Nov 20 2018 #3

Kyle Randazzo


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It has 2 blinds that have not been brushed in maybe a couple years. The south end blind is very small but placed in the perfect spot. Given that Cooper Lake is fairly close, I think it has potential in the late season for up to a 4-5 man limits. 

Also, it does have a small job boat at the property. No paddles or trolling motor.


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