• No special requirements.


  • You will likely need an SUV or truck with a bit of clearance to navigate this 1 mile mile drive. There is a live creek in the road and expect it to have some water during periods of rain.

Decatur - Huldy Mather: Bedrock Ranch

This tank can be as small as 2 acres in dry years and as large as 5 acres in wet years. This tank holds ducks and has lots of timber for a lake in this part of the state. Most of the tank is less than 6 feet, hence the reason for the seasonal size of the tank.

Currently, there is no boat or blind.

Please note that we will be duck hunting on two separate lakes on this large working cattle ranch. The other lake on this property is listed as Lake Waterboo and about twice as large as this tank. Your reservation allows you to hunt only one of the lakes. We will likely have someone hunting the other lake at the same time. The lakes are more than a 1 mile apart. You have to drive by this tank to get to the back lake, so it is possible that a Private Water Hunting Group may pass you as to access Waterboo lake as you are setting up for the morning hunt.



General Availability :
Open during Early Teal and Regular Duck Season (North Zone).
Hunting Blind Available :
Tent Camping :
Tent camping is available. Great place for camping. Camp area has electricity but no running water. Small bumper pull RV's OK.

Location Map