• If you use the jon boat, please return it to where you found it when you are done.

  • Road is grass/dirt. Be careful driving around the lake when the ground is wet.

Bonham - Crossroads Ranch

The 12-acre lake is about 10 miles east of Bonham and about 2 miles west of Windom. Ducks Unlimited helped build the lake, so it is literally made to attract ducks. There is a small jon boat that you may use to retrieve birds or set decoys if you wish. No trolling motor, batteries, or paddles are provided.

The southern third of the lake is very shallow with lots of flooded vegetation and a few patches of timber. Birds tend to work the deeper North end of the lake in the morning, but make their way down to the South end to feed.

There is a blind on the West shore of the lake on the end of a small peninsula. Keep in mind that the sun rises in the East, so you will be facing towards the sun in the morning when hunting from the blind.

You can expect to see a variety of species, but Mallards have been the most common in most years.



General Availability :
This property is not available for early Teal season.
Hunting Blind Available :
Tent Camping :
Tent camping is not available.

Location Map


10 miles east of Bonham 70 miles NNE of Dallas